Lindsay Lohan Bikini Malfunction in South Beach

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Celebrity train wreck and all around hot mess Lindsay Lohan has been relaxing and taking in some sun in her bikini in South Beach. Just the other day pictures of her and her sister Ali Lohan were taken of the two of them lounging around a pool. Today (May 25) pictures of Lindsay Lohan surfaced of her having a bikini malfunction in the ocean down in South Beach. Paparazzi watching Ms. Lohan had a field day when her bikini top slid down!

While splashing in the waves,  24-year-old Lindsay Lohan’s swimsuit top fell down and briefly exposed her right breast. The celebrity no doubt yanked her bikini right back in place, yet the slip-up lasted long enough for paparazzi to take snapshots of the troubled A-lister. Lindsay Lohan has not really done anything acting wise since the flop "Georgia Rule" in 2007 and yet she remains to be a hot topic for gossip  with her crazy lifestyle.

Michelle Rodriguez Bikini Malfunction in Cannes

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Michelle Rodriguez spent the weekend in Cannes because that’s where all the celebrities are right now. Since she didn’t have anything to promote (not that I know of anyway), she went swimming and diving at Eden Roc hotel. Not a bad site to see Michelle Rodriguez in a bikini at Cannes!

While Michelle Rodriguez was enjoying the water in Cannes, she had a little bit of a bikini malfunction. Rodriguez’s bikini bottom half fell off revealing her, uhm, bottom half. In some of the other photos of Michelle Rodriguez, she is seen clutching her breasts. My question is though, who is Rodriguez’s attractive friend in the pictures with her? Either way, enjoy some pictures of Michelle Rodriguez on your Monday morning!

Maria Menounos Bikini Malfunction

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Let me apologize for overlooking how serious/funny Maria Menouno’s wardrobe malfunction was. I posted on Bikini Chica’s the other day about how Maria Menounos was out and soaking in the sun with her bikini body. However, in addition to this, Maria Menounos had a wee bit of a little bikini ‘wardrobe malfunction’. The Access Hollywood and Today show correspondent had the worst malfunction of 2011, and we are not even a week in to the New Year. Just look at the pictures below to see what Maria Menounos was exposing!

Maria is a Greek American whoes immigrant parents entered her into beauty pagents early in her life. The burenett beauty has a younger brother and was born in Medford, Massachusetts. Menounos won the 1996 Miss Massachusettes Teen USA crown and later became the 1st runner up in the 2000 Miss Massachusetts USA pagent. She decided on a career in film and television and has since become a reputable correspondant to “Today” and “Access Hollywood.” It looks like Maria Menounos went from reporting the news to being the news.